Turning Torso

It has been a while..  
Yes I was on the top of Turning Torso.. it was a bit twisted for sure.. ha ha!
The elevator was so quick, but also scary. It took 38 seconds to reach the topfloor.
And up there I couldn’t help thinking of what to do if it would start a phire or a plane would come flying…
That didn’t happen …luckily.. 

The wiew was amazing!

Turning Torso is the landmark of Malmö city south in Sweden, near the bridge crossing over to Denmark and Kopenhagen. The architect is Santiago Calatrava from Spain. He is also the creator of Olympiastadion in Athens, and also involved in the Ground Zero project. 

Turning Torso has 54 floors and is 190 meters high and contains 147 appartments.
2 500 windows and they have two windowcleaner who works fulltime with only that building.
It takes about one year to clean all windows! And an outside windowclean is included in the monthly rent.. luckily! Haha!

Those who lives there has a receptiondesk open 24 hours where u can get help with most things if u rent an apartment in the turning house J 

More info here: www.sweden.se/templates/cs/Article____12964.aspx


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