All summer long, everyone has been talking about Sudoku.

What is that?
 Well, curious as I am.. I just had to try it…

So one day I looked it up. I mean how I should do it, how it worked.
hen I did one of the easy ones in a magazine, just to try, and guess what?
It was fun! Ha-ha

Made my brain cells really busy for a while, and afterwards they were so sleepy,
I could do whatever I wanted without having them disturbing me all the time 😉
Now I try to keep them busy with Sudoku once in a while, and it’s still fun.

Do you know how it works?
Well, you must have all numbers from 1-9 in each square,
and also have 1-9 in each row, diagonal as horizontal..
now you try!

And I’m sorry I cant do it just to fill out here on this blog for you, I’m not that good in computers hehe, but just copy it somehow.

I will tell you the answer if you need it…. later J

Good luck! 

If you liked it here is a nice site for you

Now dont put all your brain cells to sleep 😛


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